5 Ways To Read Any Competitive Books


How to Read Engineering Books Faster and Effectively

Reading engineering books & contents is the part and tie-up of every engineer’s
life as a professional(teacher) or students.

They read tons of engineering books & contents i.e. different principles,
complicated principles and examples that come within the chapters of textbooks,
case studies, practical manuals, published research papers, and many more.

Reading good books can help an engineering student to perform well in academics
whereas reading the technical books in an efficient manner and fast can make
students better in the engineering field or college.

Reading technical books faster will assist you in the process of the information more
quickly and understand it quickly and easily.

So, let’s discuss how you can become an expert in speed reading of technical books

faster and effectively:

Save Some Time For Reading

In today's fast-moving life, students generally don’t have time to
read textbooks as they don’t consider reading books will benefit them.

Some students like to read books while traveling as there is nothing else
to do or to pass the time or during some vacations. Magazine reading
won't give any knowledge that will be very useful for any competitive
preparation students.

Students must change this type of attitude towards reading engineering
i.e technical books, and give some of your quality time for reading technical
books that will benefit you.


In the case of reading engineering books, give 2.5 hour in your study time
table that will be enough to read 30 to 35 pages of the chapter as engineering
(technical) books include technical keywords, technical terms, different formulas,
different theories, and more.

Read for Key Points

Always Important concepts need support. Otherwise, they’re just thinking.

After you identify each Big concept or theory of each chapter, make note of
the supporting details that give information and help the Big concept make sense.


These methods and tips may vary for different subjects. For some subjects it will 
be relatively easy to pick out, key points, important theory, and concepts often
make up the key details.

Check your hand made notes for referring the questions that are at given the end
of the chapter.

Now you will be able to answer the questions quickly.

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Avoid Reading from front to back

To see the most important questions, technical keywords, important
points of any particular lesson, students should leave the old strategy
of reading the chapters from front to back.

You should first start reading questions given at the end of the every

chapters, and then try to find an answer to them.


This method will help you to clear and understand the basics of the topic
and then prepare your actual reading strategy. This time you will understand
completely the concept of topics.

Once you read all the questions of the chapter, then have a look at the
summary of the lesson to get an idea about the general background of
what this chapter is about.

After this go through all the headings and subheadings of the lessons, and
then in last go through the introduction of the chapter.

By following these steps this of reading strategy, you will get the general
ideas of what is hidden in each chapter and this helps you in understanding
the chapter in your very first reading attempt.

Make Short Notes While Reading Book

Students should never read the same chapter more than once. To avoid
this students should make short notes of the important points, important
keywords from the chapter while reading properly.


After some time students will get used to the habit of making short notes while
reading but once you make note-making a habit, you will never going to regret it.

You will notice how important is making short notes when be you will revising the
chapter or subjects as you will save a lot of time in revising any chapter and even
entire syllabus.

Strategies After Reading

Instead of reading the whole chapter again this time, you should only focus
on the main and important concepts. 

Make note of how the content is covered in class notes with the material in the
chapter. Organize your thoughts.

Make a concept map or say mind maps which will help you in understanding and
read information visually. 


First, start from memorizing or just recapping in mind and see what you can learn
or write on paper without seeing at your engineering book to get a better grasp of
what you remember well and what you need to study again; then use your
engineering book for reference in learning what you didn’t know well. 

This technique will increase your retention power of the brain, much more than
relying on the reading textbook again.

I hope these techniques and tips would be very helpful to engineering students,
who are preparing for the GATE, ESE,state-level AE exams, as these techniques
and tips would be very beneficial to students who are referring to the best GATE
books or ESE books during their preparation.

By following these useful techniques and tips, students would be saving their
precious time that goes wasted in reading a particular topic, chapter or in revising
the syllabus once the exams are coming nearer.


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