Prepare Gate 2021 Along College Studies



Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a competitive exam for pass out or final year appearing engineers students that demands a hard effort from engineering students who are trying for PSU recruitment or for higher studies from reputed government institutes such as IITs or NITs.

To write GATE 2021 exam, some engineering students even prepare hard after completing their B.Tech, while some students manage their studies along with their college studies to clear the GATE exam.

As the GATE exam syllabus is very big, and competition is increasing every year, only students who have a focused approach are able to clear the GATE exam with a good GATE score.

There are many challenges that an engineering student comes across while preparing for GATE along with college studies.

Almost all the students, who have made up their mind to prepare for GATE Exam along with their college studies, are aware of these challenges.

But the only thing they are unaware of is how to fight them during their preparation of GATE Exam while still in college.

Here in this article, I will discuss those challenges and the ways to remove, solve them:

Aware about GATE

In college, your class-mates might be having different exams in their minds. Some might be trying for GRE, CAT, GMAT, or any other exam.

You will also find some students that must be preparing for GATE. Be in touch with those friends, discuss the problems you are facing, know about their study plans and preparation strategy, how they are preparing, etc.

Watch the interview of previous GATE toppers to know about the tips and techniques followed by them while preparing for GATE 2021.

Solve Previous Year Papers

Try to solve as much as questions from previous year GATE papers, attempt GATE test series online. This will help you a lot in clearing your concepts, doubts as well as completing the GATE syllabus along with your semester exams.

Multi-Tasking Students

When a student is in college, he has to attend many things like classes, workshops, practicals, academics exams, seminars, fairs, etc.

All these works/activities/events are very important from a student's point of view as they have to contribute to a student’s overall development and growth.


In such a case, doing preparation for competitive exams like GATE Exam becomes a very difficult task for the students.

Though the syllabus of GATE Exam is almost similar to that of the college syllabus, there are some topics that are a little bit different.

As a student, one has to recognize those topics of subjects that are in the GATE syllabus and be attentive in the class with questions and doubts whenever these topics are taught in the college.

Preparation Books And Gate Coaching

Choosing the right GATE Exam preparation books is a very important point before students start GATE preparation.

Ask your college seniors, take advice from your teachers, listen to what the GATE toppers from past have to say about the best GATE preparation books, or how to choose the best GATE preparation books.

Besides all of this, expert guidance is also an important point. This is only possible at a good GATE Coaching Institute like MADE EASY, IES MASTER, etc where the required learning atmosphere is created by the best engineers from all over India from different government top institutes such as IITs, NITs, and other reputed top private engineering colleges.

Making Short Notes

Whenever a topic is taught in the class by the teacher, make your own short notes. Always carry the notes made by you with you, and whenever you get some time during the lunch breaks or off periods, open the notes and revise the key points, concepts, and formula that you have taken down.


During your week holidays, give as much time as you can, on understanding and learning the concepts, and make short notes, and practice solving problems based on those concepts.
You can prefer previous year GATE papers.

Also, keep one hour before sleeping on all days for revision of the whole day study.

Make Your Own Study Plan

Discuss about your study plan with others, college seniors, previous toppers, professors, teachers, and then with their inputs plan your own GATE preparation strategy.

The study plan should include the GATE 2021 exam entire syllabus, important topics to study, how much time left, number of holidays, questions practice sessions, etc. Remembering all these important points make a time schedule, and then stick to your plan sincerely.


I hope these tips and tricks would be very beneficial for you to prepare GATE exam along with your college studies.

Best of luck to all GATE aspirants.

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