Top 10 Ways To Deal Exam Stress

how to deal stress during exam preparations

How To Tackle exam stress

Students must learn to let go of stress. And think that you
are never up to the mark anyway.

Is the Tension of Exam and Fear of Failure give you stress?

Students should need not be worry because you are not alone
in these situations

There are many students who feel the stress of clearing the exam.
This stress sometimes is because of the expectations of something,
and you are not able to do it, because of the unreal and imaginary

Removing this exam stress from students and finding an acceptable
out for it, this post will be a great help to any scholars who are
preparing any exam, not just UPSC or IES exam but any type of
exam which can bring students success and a bright future.

The various reasons why students are stressed and
what the solution to this stress is are:

First let's understand what is stress after this we see how to solve these.

What is stress?

how to deal stress during exam preparations

Stress is everyone's body's reaction or defense to any 
change or danger that requires a response or any type of action.

Stress alarms the body to activate, produce hormones that either help
students or individuals to remain focused and face the challenge
or get to safety as fast as possible.

Our body reacts to these dangers, by changing some physical, 
emotional & mental activities, responses, etc.

The stress in the body results in various physical reactions some are :
  1. Lack of incentive or just say motivation to try and do anything
  2. Increase in blood pressure(B.P) level
  3. Feeling confused always
  4. Nail biting, teeth grinding and fidgeting
  5. Intensifying of muscle
  6. More Sweating
  7. Alertness
  8. Having trouble in making decisions
  9. Feeling overwhelmed
  10. Having a problem in sleeping or getting out of bed

Reasons for exam stress?

The various reasons which cause this stress can include:
  1. Thinking need to get a particular result
  2. Always feeling they have to compete with others
  3. Always worrying about failure
  4. Lack of Preparation
  5. The stress of doing well within the examination
  6. Don’t have much time to check
  7. Don’t think they're going to act
  8. Finding it hard to understand what you are studying
  9. Feel pressure from family to score good marks
Above are some explanations why one can feel stressed and
feel yourself engaging in some irregular activities which don't
seem to be quite common to your behavior.

Different ways to tackle and handle the exam stress :

Dealing with exam stress

For some students, exam stress acts as a booster or says as
a catalyst to push harder towards their goals, for many of the
students act as a very difficult problem which more often results
in leaving or drop the exam and lose confidence.

Always being in exam stress is not a good state of students
and hence he should try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The different ways of handling exam stress are:

1.Research About Exam :

Most of the time the only reason for stress is a lack of knowledge
about the preparing exam. So don’t go directly into the preparation
mode only because your batchmate, friends or relatives is doing it.

Instead of this, you should research about the exam yourself and
know all related things about exams like syllabus, cut off, etc.

how to deal stress during exam preparations

Students should also listen or watch an interview of the
previous year toppers and know their way of studies, learn
about the problems they have faced during the exam preparation
and what is the solution of the problems, then start your
preparation for the exam.

Being completely & confident ready for the exam is students only
way to avoid exam stress on the basis itself.

Google about your exam, previous year cutoff, its syllabus, exam
pattern, previous year paper, variety of questions, number of seats
or post in which you are eligible and the other information that you
just feel is vital.

According to your search, you can buy books, or take from others
and then plan for the exam preparation.

2. Set Achievable Goals:

how to deal stress during exam preparations

Unachievable and unrealistic goals are the biggest reason for
your stress. While preparing for any competitive exam the
students should make sure that they are do not miss out anything
on the given syllabus, revise the syllabus the possible number of
times, solve questions and go all prepared for the exam.

Students plan on studying 3 to 4 hours at the beginning of preparation
and a few students 14-15 hours every day. Well, this might sound very
profitable but within the long term, this isn't very sustainable and your
behavior will change.

Students should create a practical plan which might be followed and
achievable goals that might be reached.

3. Keep your body healthy:

Researches have shown that when someone is stressed, the Endocrine
gland releases cortisol (a type of stress hormone) to manage it.
Cortisol also affects our body, so taking care of it is more important.
And reduce the reason of producing this hormone.

The ways to keep your body healthy are:

A. Exercise daily:

With the exam stress and pressure, exercise seems like a waste
of time for many students.

Regardless, Exercise has shown to be a great stress reducer. It
energizes your body and make you feel fresh and reduce stress.

Thus, a simple exercise can also help students in dealing with
any type of stress or exam stress.

how to deal stress during exam preparations

Even if students are not doing any type of exercise, they should
try getting out of their house and go for just walking.

Walking will also refreshen up your brain and calm you. Scientist
researches has shown that high-intensity of Aerobic Exercises
always have positive effects on our body and helps us to reduce
our stress or say exam stress from students.

B. Reduce sugar intake:

Cortisol hormone also affects our blood glucose level. So, the
more you eat sugar, the more stressed you will feel.

how to deal stress during exam preparations

Students can eat dark chocolates, herb tea, and fruits rich in vitamin C.
Also, eat a high-protein breakfast, include eggs, sprout, oats or nuts.
Eat 3 to 4 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day these items
have probability of reducing your exam stress.

C. Drink Water:

Water is an important and very essential requirement of everyone's body,
but with our daily busy routine, we forget to drink enough water.

how to deal stress during exam preparations

Hydrating our body though seems to be simple, can also act
as a stress reducer.

If students always forget to drink enough water during the day
and night, then you have various apps that help you in reminding
you to drink water from time to time and help to keep your body hydrated.

D. Enjoy the sun:

Another very effective way to increase your serotonin (the happy chemical)
levels is to increase your exposure body to sunlight.

10 to 15 minutes of sunlight per day will help to keep your

serotonin levels in the healthy range and is very effective
in dealing with stress.

Wait guys, I am saying that you should stand 10-15 min. in noon
, you should enjoy the morning sunlight.

4. Don’t isolate yourself:

This might be a surprise as most of the people say that during the
preparation of exams students should isolate themselves.

Think, from whom students want to detach yourself. There are disturbing
elements in everybody’s life from whom it is also important to stay away,
but at the same time, students must have persons with whom you can
talk and discuss your problems & if you ever feeling low.

These persons can be your family members or friends or anybody you
connect with the most.

5. Clean surroundings and mind:

A dirty or untidy study table, desk is a sign of your "untidy mind”.
So before you start studying clean both your mind and surroundings.

When saying about your surroundings, students should clean their table,

in the table what they are going to study that should be only on the table
nothing else.

The more untidy you have around your work-space,
the less you’re able to concentrate on preparing for
the exam.

This is because your brain is being distracted by so
many outer distractions. 

So before you start studying clear your study table,

use table drawers to keep your things.


how to deal stress during exam preparations

Students must also avoid mobiles as Researches shows that
the overuse of mobile phones not only causes stress but can also
have a negative impact on your mental health and increases your
time loss.

Because the blue light coming from your mobile display affect our
mind and eyes very badly.

To clear the mind the below tips may be helpful:

A. Practice mindfulness:

Earlier in medical centers used as an effective treatment
for reducing any stress, is MBSR i.e Mindfulness-based stress
reduction is scientifically proven to work like a charm when dealing
with exam stress.

It is the process of being aware of your body and mind and when
you have done it, you will realize what is bothering you and hence
you can find a solution to tackle it with ease.

This will help you in reducing your stress and staying focused
and dedicated to your study and exam preparation.

B. Deep Breathing:

Research Scientist has proven that deep breathing reduces
your cortisol hormone levels.

Just practicing deep breathing whether it is morning meditation
or the Belly breathing both are very effective in calming yourself
down and thus get rid of the tension and stress of the exam.

how to deal stress during exam preparations

Doing meditation also helps students to be focussed on a particular time.
It also produce positive vibes in our body.

So keep yourself always away from negative thoughts and don’t

let any external disturbing agent to disturb your mind with stupid talks.

6.Time Management:

Every now and then everyone talked about Time Management
as it is not just an important aspect of preparation but also helps in
reducing your exam stress. 

A study was done by a scientist, in which they involved many students
and they were taught some time management techniques.

how to deal stress during exam preparations

The study result shows that the students who practiced time
management showed lower levels of exam stress compare
to those who had not.

Efficient time management includes enough time for both
studying and resting, this helps you feeling more energized
makes you able to prepare for the exam without stressing
over anything.

7. Believe in progress and not in perfection:

Lack of confidence in students and the race to becoming the
perfect student, this is also one of the main reasons for
exam stress.

Students should always remember that ‘Perfection closes the door".
It declares that you are done, this is the best that you can do.

So never try to get perfection, in place of this students just aim for
the progress and then the probability of being better is high as
‘Better opens the door".

Better challenges student to see what is there you can do more
and tell us how you could improve yourself.

how to deal stress during exam preparations

Perfection always brings more stress on yourself, so student
always need to focus only on the progress you are making
in place of your failures and learn from your failure.

Students should just celebrate their success, take out some time
to do activities that you enjoy, love most, always reward yourself and
always aim for progress instead of perfection.

8. Enjoy the Loneliness:

Many people are very afraid to face themselves. Well, always
remember if you don't spend time with yourself, then who else will.

So sometimes sit with yourself and see, think what is bothering you,
what is your real fear, what is stopping you and write down your
thoughts in your personal diary.

Students must also write the things that you are thankful for in your diary.
This may help you in realizing what your feeling is rather than hiding
behind your books.

Students can also enjoy your hobby like reading, singing, listening and
taking notes of music, watching movies, etc. as it will also help you
in calming yourself down.
Students hobbies are your happy things where you get lost in your
being and enjoy the moment.

9.Reach to a Therapist:

If you are taking an excessive amount of stress, and any of the
above ways don’t work, then you can meet a therapist and
speak your heart out.
This will give a flood of your emotions and before you know
your stress will be gone and you will be good to go to ace the exam.

10. Always Stay Positive:

No therapist therapy, no doctor's medicine, even nobody
will be able to reduce your stress if you are not willing to trust
yourself. So always being positive and always giving out positive
vibes is the only way to releasing your stress.

Positive Thinking is able to calm you down and vanish those
exam stress, just like in 3 idiot movie "All Is Well".

For some students, exams can be a child's play and they can
crack an exam very easily, while for other student's exams are
a very difficult task.

how to deal stress during exam preparations

I hope that the above-given tips, methods will help many
students in staying focussed on the exam.

Exam Stress don't break you down, but the way you carry the
exam stress.

Stressing about things will not help students in any way, so just
practice any of the top above tips provided to deal with exam stress.

Exam stresses vary from students to students but managing it and
finding ways to eliminate is the only important key.

All The Best For Your Bright Future!!!!!!

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