Top 7 Structural Analysis Books for IES-GATE


Structural Analysis is the most important subject of civil engineering
which forms the structural base of civil engineering students.

This subject regularly appears on competitive exams like IES 2021
GATE 2021, BARC. Students should first aim to build their basic
concepts and keep revising the basic concepts this will be very helpful
for all upcoming competitive examinations.

Given below are the top 7 Best books for Structural Analysis :

1. Structural Analysis By R. C Hibbeler

This is an excellent reference for structural engineers. It contains 
many basic methods of beam and frame analysis. It provides the 
theory behind every structural analysis method, the relevant 
equations, and gives several examples on each topic. 

Writer explains the calculation of the effects of loads on the structures
and their components forces. These can be calculated by using a logical
and systematic method of analysis, the book has detailed concepts on like
Different Structures & Loads, Analysis of Statically Determinate &
indeterminate Structures, Cables & Arches, ILD for Statistically Determinate
& Indeterminate Structures, Displacement Method of Analysis
like Moment Distribution, Kani's method & the Stiffness Method etc.


Many problems are very much complex than the examples 
given, but if students have a good experienced teacher for the 
class, you should be alright. 

The author of this book does a very good job of illustrating all 
of the structural analysis methods in a very simple, easy language,
that is very easy to understand. 

Therefore if students read this book, they will learn a lot, 
especially very simple and short cut ways to solve structural 
analysis numerical problems.

2. Intermediate Structural Analysis  By C.K Wang

This book consists of chapters on force method & displacement
method and their types, also contains matrix methods, and methods
by which the effects of shear deformations on structure can be calculated.
The book presents conventional methods of structural analysis along with 
matrix methods, virtual work concepts and other geometric methods, and 
explanation of the indeterminacy of composite frames and horizontal 
grid and truss frames.


Every topic of the IES syllabus has been clearly explained in 
this book, students have to read the book thoroughly to 
understand the concepts of different structural methods. 
This book has very less printing mistakes, or one can say not 
even a single mistake. 

Concepts are explained entirely, examples are chosen 
ones given in the book, exercise problems are very tricky, 
conceptual and non-repetitive questions.

C.K Wang's book is very good for civil engineers students who are
studying in college & preparing for differents competitive exams
like GATE and IES, barc etc.

3. Advanced Structural Analysis By Devdas Menon

This book covers all topics with matrix analysis of structures,
& presented it in an easy language and in an understanding way.  
The starting 3 lessons of the book gives the basic concepts in 
structural analysis about loads and supports and matrix method.

Now in the upcoming chapters, the author explores and reveals the 
important concepts through many solved examples on how matrix 
methods can be applied to static analysis of structures like in 
plane truss and space trusses, in beams and grids.


The flexibility method is also given. Finally, in the last chapter, 
analysis of instability is discussed in detail. 

The main moto of the author is to enable the students to have a 
good knowledge of all the fundamental basics in these advanced 
topics of Structural Analysis. With these strong fundamentals basics,
the student will be very well prepared to survey & understand further 
important topics like Finite Elements Analysis.

4. Structural Analysis - A Matrix Approach by GS Pandit, SP Gupta

This is mainly written for the undergraduate students of 
civil engineering, this textbook on "Structural Analysis" has been 
updated with units in the SI system. 

Book has been published in an easy language that presents the difficult 
& complex concepts of matrix analysis to easily understand the concept.


This book is very special if you talk only for the matrix method,
matrix analysis has been given with a lot of numerical examples
to make us understand.

The writer of this book has put a great effort into bringing this
special edition of the book for the matrix method approach in
structural analysis in a very easy way with easy language.

5. Structural dynamics by Mario Paz

The sixth edition of Structural Dynamics covers all important 
and newly added topics in the syllabus. 

The book is very useful for undergraduates or graduate 
students taking a first view in structural dynamics. The book 
is arranged in such a way that it can be used by students for a 
1 or 2 semester course, or span the undergraduate and graduate 


The author of this book presents a 1 degree-of-freedom system in
the starting chapters, then moves to systems with many degrees-of-freedom
in the next chapters.

The 6th revised edition book plans to provide increase the
learning concepts & materials for students to learn structural analysis, 
from basics to advanced of any topics, including their application also. 

The most important reason why I bought this book is because the
publication of this book is supposed to give a CD with a book that contains
solved examples which are IES previous year questions.

The material in this book is well structured and the book is written in a
an easy language and concise manner.

 6. Basic Structural Analysis By C.S Reddy

The newest edition of this book introduces the basic principles 
of force, displacement methods, and matrix structural analysis. 
This book is written in a very easy language and simple presentation 
style which presents the complex concepts of matrix analysis in a very easy 
way and understandable manner.


Structural Analysis a little tough and hot subject to touch,
this book will help. But, students need to give much time
for understanding the concepts.
All formulas and concepts of structural analysis are given in 
this book in an illustrative manner. Students must purchase
this book and clear their basics.

This book contains IES previous year questions in the form 
of examples regarding the chapter. This book is too good to 
clear your basics as it contains mostly all syllabus if IES exams.

7. Theory of structure by S Ramamrutham & R Narayan

 This book provides a large number of example problems 
(Say 95 to 100 for a single topic). Each Concept is given 
in a crisp manner.

The matrix method is not included in this book. Concepts related 
to displacement and force methods are also included in detail.


The book is very good both in terms of theory and numerical.
But the only problem with this book is, it is very fat, so students
may get scared or they don't feel to study when seeing the size
of the book for the first time. Rest, it is very good book for Structures.
Students should buy this book for practicing various structural problems.

I hope these books will be very useful in your preparation for GATE
and IES exams.

Study Hard, Prep Smart !!!!!

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