Best 4 RCC Books For IES-GATE 2021


RCC & Prestressed Concrete is one of the moderate weight-age important subjects for Civil Engineering competitive exams. Numerical questions are mostly questioned in Engineering competitive examinations like GATE, IES, and also BARC even though theoretical requirements including SSC JE as well as also other exams. 

Hence students need to prepare the Entire subjects for successful preparation of every competitive examination, consequently, we're giving the very best books for RCC & Pre Stressed Concrete are :

A. RCC Design (Reinforced Concrete Structures) from B.C Punmia 

The writers have clarified all of the correlated theory and design processes, concepts, and fundamentals in most single chapters. With in-depth drawings, illustrations, examples, and designs. Examples and designs are used to clear out any topics concept.  


Hopefully, you may see that every single chapter from the publication provides you a crystal clear and admissible definition of this subject. New edition of this book also has all the essential formulae for calculating the modulus of elasticity of concrete. Upgraded information about minimum and maximum spacing for shear reinforcement in the beam.

B. Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure by  N.Krishna Raju

Each and every chapter is organized with topics of technical significance at an easy and lucid type therefore brand new monograph empowers the students to know the exact advice, understand any topic in an easy and efficient way.

The topics and chapters have been strengthened with an assortment of unsolved and solved numerical problems that aid the students to get yourself ready for competitive and college exams.

Both subjective and objective type questions contained by the close of every chapter may support in acquiring the simple comprehension of students in regards to the fundamentals of topics and design of reinforced concrete structure.


C. Reinforced Concrete Design (RCC) By S. Pillai & Devdas Menon

This revised variant follows the terms of IS 456:2000 and applicable present codes (revised codes) and also the complex development which has occurred within the area of  Reinforced Concrete structure.

Written for engineers and competitive students, this publication lays great focus on technical clarity by way of advanced policy of most required topics.  


The best book in the Indian market on the design of R.C.C design structures by an Indian author. Before describing the mechanical design process depending oh the IS 456 - 2000, the writer famously points out the idea, explained the theory behind the clauses in the code. This may aid in getting ready students for preparing competitive exams for example GATE, IES, etc where they ask conceptual and analytical problems.

For upcoming examinations Distinctive coverage of Earthquake resistant design, Structural programs, Green structures, Great detailing, and Structure construction.

D. R.C.C. Concrete Design by S.N Sinha

Perfect publication for studying how to design concrete structures & constructions. This publication offers a number of solved designing questions that aids college students to truly deal by way of the practice of the design.  


This really is actually a huge book. It assists in conceptual clarity that's absolute need to in case you'd like to perfect RCC structural style and design.

A wonderful book for beginners and classic for revision, really is a phenomenal book I have ever seen.

Fantastic publication with lots of solved questions according to Indian codes and principles to get clarity & comprehension of theories, topics.

I hope these books will be helpful during preparation for competitive exams and college studies. 

Score Far Better, GOOD LUCK!!!!

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