Best 6 Steel Design Books For Gate-Ies 2021


The design of steel structures is one of the subjects which appear in the Civil engineering exam but the weightage of marks remains moderate from this subject. This is very important for site engineerings.

Hence applicants have to prepare themselves the subject entirely to prevent lack of or lose one marks at the competitive examinations such as for GATE and IES.

For whole preparation, below I'm providing Listing of Best Books for Civil Engineering examinations like GATE, ESE, other exams, etc which are mostly preferred by toppers.

A.  Design of Steel Structures By S.K.Duggal

The use of the trademark text Design of Steel structures was achieved remembering the present scenario while in the place. Several alterations have been designed, many changes to produce the publication simpler and lucid. Three brand new chapters, several new topics, unsolved and solved questions are inserted and reorganization in the chapters, this helps to fulfill the exam specifications of their college students. It remains the optimal/best option to get a publication on the subject.


The publication handles the topics at the detail, nevertheless in an identical period in a succinct and student-friendly way or manner. This material of this book has been organized, ordered in an extremely coordinated and rated way. The subject, chapters has been well ordered and subjects are divided up into sub-topics - escalating clarity and better understanding.

Each topic of steel construction is coated together with theory. Utilize entire for competitive exam by which theory related important to ask regarding steel design.

B. Design of Steel Structures by A.S. Arya and J.L. Ajmani

The new edition of this book is fully up-to-date provisions of the Indian standard code including wind and earthquake loading and examples are given. The whole numerical and solved examples are now given in SI units. As more and more use is being made of the plastic method of analysis and design so a new chapter is added in the edition.


Besides, analysis of design methods, sufficient information is given regarding the various factors used in the design examples design of shear, buckling of the web, deflections at ultimate load, etc. so that using this information we can understand design methods very easily.

C. Design of Steel Structures By Dr. N. Subramanian

The written text presents the current limit state method solution to design that displays the most recent progress, latest developments. It features topics like the kinds of steel structures, possessions, properties of steel, and major locations of structural steel technology, bolted connections and welded connections, and design of plate girder trusses design and also the design of beam, columns. Each and every chapter contains review problems, solved illustrations, practice questions, and also a decent selection of examples to enhance the text.


The design of Steel constructions is intended to fit certain demands of undergraduate college students of structural and civil technology. This publication may even prove invaluable for postgraduate students and function as a priceless reference for educating engineers not knowledgeable about all the limit state design of steel structures. The book gives thorough protection of steel structures in view of the trendiest code of practice for general structure in steel (IS 800: 2007).

D. Comprehensive Design of Steel Structures By B.C Punmia

The book consists of chapters on Riveted joints, Bolted joints, pinned and welded connections, and truss, and bridge designs. This book is very necessary and important for Civil Engineering students and teachers, professionals. 

The book is dependant upon the latest limit state method to create and also covers important topics like properties of steel, different construction designs, relevant regions of structural technology engineering, and layout of girder design and also the layout of column columns. Every single chapter comprises solved instances, evaluation issues, and field issues in addition to abundant examples to enhance the text.


This book contains previous years' different examination questions, some solved and some unsolved. So this will be very helpful for college engineering students and preparing students for different exams. 

E. Design Of Steel Structures By L Negi

It's an all-inclusive book for Civil Engineering students. It offers college students an in-depth consideration of their design and aspects of simple steel structures. This really is a complete book with very good inferences that makes it simpler for your college student to know the exact concepts of the topic.


Content and language relating to this publication are quite good. But page and printing good quality of this book isn't fantastic compared to the additional Mc Graw Hill publication book. Not bad quality but not impressive printing and page quality.

F. Design and Drawing of Steel Structures by Bhavikatti

The brand new, edition of a very common textbook is present in its own tradition of introducing design processes utilizing easy terminology, simple language, awesome sketches, and plentiful solved examples. This book is directed toward educating the students in employing IS 800-2007 code for design steel structures utilizing the Limit State Method. 


The writer has clarified the conditions, many provisions of code in an easy language, and exemplified that the design procedure having a substantial number of worked problems. What's new in this variant? Two brand new chapters, Plastic analysis, Evaluation of Beams and Frames, and design of Beam Columns by limit state method and working stress method in comparison with assistance from solving precisely the exact problems using each method. Extra solved examples and also the text that is formatted to create the book understandably.

I hope these books will help you in improving your preparation for examinations like GATE and IES.


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