Best Books for GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering


GATE 2021 exam is the road that directly leads the students to their destination of a glittering future. GATE 2021 Exam is a big chance for many students to get admission to a top IITS and NITS colleges of our country.

Regardless of this, clearing the GATE 2021 exam will open new opportunities for students if you are searching for a career in any PSUs. Although the best actions don't happen easily in everyone's life. Students require to put dedication and fully concentrated, focused on an ace in GATE 2021 Exam.

To start preparations for GATE 2021, the first thing students need is the Complete GATE 2021 Exam Syllabus. Once students know what chapters and topics they need to study after this students can opt these Best Books for GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering exam.

All the books given below are advised by the previous year's GATE toppers who have attained their targets by following these books. 

Before students start their preparation they should first see the GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering exam patterns, marking off every question and also negative marking, etc. These details are given below and then move towards the best books.

GATE 2021 Exam Patterns

This Exam is conducted online i.e Computer Based Test (CBT) exam. The questions will be from both numerical and theory or you can say numerical ability test i.e NAT and MCQs i.e Multiple Choice Questions.

๐Ÿ˜…The question paper consists of a total of 65 questions for 100 marks.
๐Ÿ˜…The GATE 2021 exam time is for 3 hours.
๐Ÿ˜…The Question pattern consists of General Aptitude and Mechanical Engineering core subjects Questions.
๐Ÿ˜…The question paper will be consist of multiple choice and numerical type questions.
๐Ÿ˜…Imp. Subjects of Mechanical Engineering GATE 2021 syllabus –
  1. Engineering Mathematics
  2. Applied Mechanics & Design
  3. Strength of materials
  4. Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Sciences
  5. Materials
  6. Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering

๐Ÿ˜…The questions in the exam paper will be based on the following things – Comprehension type, Application of topic and concepts, Common Data type Questions, Analysis & Synthesis of different concepts, and some questions in the Linked answer questions.

Marks of the question paper will be as follows –

๐Ÿ˜…GA questions will be for 15 marks.
๐Ÿ˜…Core subjects will be of remaining marks.
๐Ÿ˜…The negative marking of 1/3 for 1 mark questions and  2/3rd for 2 marks questions.
๐Ÿ˜…Numerical ability test questions don't have any negative marking for the wrong answers.

To get success, ace in GATE 2021 exam students have to work very hard, focussed study because day by day competition level is increasing. So preparing students to need to have a very decent study plan, preparation strategy. The best preparation strategy must include :
  1. Learning Theory
  2. Building Concepts
  3. Taking Tests
  4. Analyzing Your Performance.

Books for GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering are given below:.

1. Thermodynamics

A. Engineering Thermodynamics by P.K Nag

This book consists of a nice combination of theory and numerical questions. It also contains previous year exams numerical questions of various examinations. Due to this, it may not suit the best for the newly preparing student as these previous year questions have deep concepts.


The book covers the complete syllabus of Engineering Thermodynamics. The language and presentation way of this book is very easy, lucid for students to understand. Hence this book can be preferred by GATE aspirants.

B. Internal Combustion of Engines By V. Ganesan

The languages of this are very simple and easy to understand, and this book covers all the syllabus.
It is comparatively good for starting students because the language of this book is easy and lucid.


The Book has a complete explanation of internal combustion engines that is very helpful in
understanding concepts. Due to these reasons, this book is crucial for students who are
studying for different competitive exams.

2. Fluid Mechanics

A. A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines By R.K Bansal

This book is very handy for the introduction of Fluid Mechanics, it covers all the basic laws of Fluid Motion first then gives the explanation of the fluid equations. It supplies us with a powerful mathematical base for complicated concepts like Boundary Layers, Turbulent liquid Flow, and Liquid Flow with a Free Surface so that the students interpret how their application of the different conditions can be build up through mathematics. 


Regardless of this, the other half of this book understands Fluid Machines, covering all types of Compressors, all Fans, and Blowers. It is a very good and important source for students preparing for different competitive exams like GATE & IES.

B. Fluid Mechanics–Fundamentals & Applications By A. Cengel & M. Cimbala

This book has been dedicated to the Fluid Mechanics engineering college students. The subject concepts and topics are presented in a growing way from simple to complex concepts, making basics clear and building the foundation for the next chapter.


More diagrams and pictures are given in this book to help the student to better visualize real situations. Many solved examples are given to justify and clear the concepts of every topic. The book encourages creative thinking and develops a deeper understanding of fluid mechanics

The theory of every topic is to the point no bakwash in this book very deep concepts on topics numbers of examples and unsolved questions are given but the answers and solution hints of the unsolved not given. 

3. Theory of Machines & Vibration

A. Theory of Mechanisms and Machines By R. Penncock and J.Uicker

The book is an inclusive book for undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering who are studying in the colleges. 


The book has a chapter on mechanisms and machines, velocity relations, acceleration relations, computer-aided analysis of mechanisms, and graphical and computer-aided synthesis of mechanisms. Regardless of this, the book has chapter-wise problems and examples for your revision and  practice

B. Mechanical vibrations By G. K. Grover

This book comes with clear concepts of the topics so it helps the students to make these subjects interesting. This is the best and very good for beginner students in this subject.


The presentation of this book is very simple and clear the concepts of a very simple language.
It covers the whole syllabus of this subject. It is very good for the students who are preparing for the different competitive exams like GATE AND IES etc.

4. Strength of Materials

A. Mechanics of Material By Gere & Goodno

This book aims to give an explanation of solid mechanics from a basic level to a higher level to its readers. 


In this book after covering the basic definitions which are needed, the theory begins according to different types of stresses and strain, and how different materials react according to applied strain and stress. This is a conceptual book and its clear the concept of topics by giving solved examples.

B. Strength of Materials By R.K Bansal

This book is having all chapters and topics from the syllabus and explained them ina very easy way. A number of solved and unsolved questions also contain real-life deals with solutions that help students to develop the ability to implement the basics of concepts in practice questions.


The strength of Materials has been revised and rephrased keeping in mind the varying tastes of students from time to time. New photos with computer graphics, all revised tables, and addition of all this making the concepts in easy language. 

In this book, students will find every important definition and explanation of every important theory at the starting of each chapter. Due to all these points, this book is very popular in GATE and PSU students.

5. Manufacturing

A. Manufacturing Process for Engineering Material By S. KalpakJian

This book mostly explains its theory of topics on the basis of the practical use of the concepts and all the information.


This book has its new 6th edition, which gives all features of manufacturing, clearly presenting all the theories, up-to-date, and the fundamentals of materials and processes also.  Moreover, there are a number of illustrative examples and case studies to highlight important concepts and techniques 

6. Heat Transfer

A. Fundamentals of Engg. Heat and Mass Transfer by R. C. Sachdeva

This books comes with a very balanced amount of theory and solved questions that are very
helpful for GATE 2021 exam preparation students.


The author has given a number of real-life problems, questions that make students understand the concept of topics very easily.

B. Heat Transfer By J.P Holman

This is very for the students who are studying this subject for the first time and trying to understand
the concepts of the topics.


The book is consists of a large number of solved and unsolved questions that help the students
to understand the concept of the topics.

7. Engineering Mechanics & Engineering Material

A. Engg. Mechanics by R. K. Rajput

This book covers all the syllabus of the engineering college, competitive exam syllabus, and explains the concepts of each topic in lucid and very easy language.


This has a very large number of solved examples also some unsolved questions. By solving and understanding the concepts of every solved problem you will develop a good habit of how to approach numerical problems and also clear your basics and concepts.

B. Engineering Mechanics (In SI Units) By Beer & Johnston

This book is very good for the undergraduate, college students of mechanical engineering who are preparing for different competitive exams in 2021. 

The book has separate chapters on concurrent forces, parallel forces in a plane, a system of forces in a plane, principle of virtual work concept, curvilinear translation and rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis of anybody. 


This book has comprehensive points or a summary of chapters which is very helpful during the revision. This book is very important for engineering students who are preparing for GATE and IES.

8. Engineering Mathematics

A. Higher Engineering Mathematics By Dr. B.S Grewal

This book is very good, best, ultimate book for understanding and how to approach questions.


For GATE 2021 exam preparation, this book will be sufficient because you will not get enough time to study this. Author of the has beautifully explained the proofs of concepts, topics and given the number of solved examples.

9. Aptitude

A. A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning By R.S Aggarwal


One of the basic and important reasons why all GATE Preparing students should prefer this book because it has a lot of solved and unsolved questions, in some of the questions the hints are also given for solving problems.

B. Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations By R.S Aggarwal

Numbers of examples are given throughout the book to demonstrate the concepts and numerical-solving techniques. 


This book consists of the previous year's exam questions as solved examples, which gives the students a good idea about which type of questions asked in these exams.

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